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Not just a pretty cabinet face: choosing pulls and knobs

When you're choosing new cabinets and drawers to install in your kitchen, one small item can make a world of difference: the use of a pull or knob instead of having a plain door. Pulls -- those barlike handles -- and knobs are individually small but definitely impact how your kitchen looks and how easy it is to use your kitchen cabinets.

Ease of use

Opening a cabinet by grasping the edge of the door isn't very hard, for most people. However, it can be inefficient if you're holding a lot of items or if you've injured your hand. Pulls and knobs offer a point that you can pull using the edge of your hand, if necessary. And, if you have light items like a dishtowel or a plastic bag that you need to keep close at hand, a knob doubles as a handy hook.

Wear and tear

If you have cabinets that you open by grabbing the side or lower edge of the door, fingerprints and skin oils can make the door material start to look grungy after a while. Pulls and knobs, though, are easier to clean with a mild cleanser, often wiping clean in a few seconds. You thus prevent a lot of gunk from building up on the wood of the cabinets while also making it easier to clean the cabinets.

Visual Variety

The hardware also breaks up the sight of a bank of cabinets that are all the same color. Instead of a wall of brown wood, for example, you have the edges of the cabinet doors delineated visually with these handles and rounded knobs. The color of the hardware provides a nice contrast to the rest of the cabinet surfaces.

If you're interested in changing your kitchen design Cleveland has a company you should contact. Kitchen Cabinet Outlet offers design and installation services along with pulls, knobs, soft-close hinges, and a wide variety of wood finish colors and door styles. You can also have existing cabinets resurfaced or have the doors changed while keeping the rest of the cabinet structure. Enhance your kitchen with custom designs.

Kitchen cabinets are an essential feature of every kitchen. They help keep all your kitchen supplies within arm’s reach. But to make working in the kitchen even more convenient, it’s nice to organize the items inside your kitchen cabinets according to their function, size and frequency of use. Here are some key tips for organizing your Cleveland kitchen cabinets. 1. Store lightweight items over the stove It’s a smart idea to store lightweight items over the stove. That way, if they accidentally tumble, they won’t harm your glass stove or other appliances. In the cabinet space over your stove, microwave or oven fan, store things like paper towels, napkins and extra dish cloths. 2. Store coffee mugs, coffee and tea near the coffee maker Sometimes people store all the dried foods together in the kitchen. But when it comes to coffee and tea, it makes more sense to store these with the coffee mugs and tea cups. You can even go so far as to store the sweeteners with the coffee, tea and mugs to make things even easier. 3. Store drinking glasses next to the fridge If you have water in the door of your fridge, or you keep a filtered water pitcher inside the refrigerator, store drinking glasses in the cupboard next to the fridge. Family members will be able to quickly grab a glass whenever they want a drink. 4. Store child cups in a low kitchen cabinet drawer Smaller children should have easy access to drinking cups so they can help themselves. Keep these in a lower drawer within reach. This prevents them from being tempted to climb onto counters to find their favorite cup. 5. Store large items behind, shorter in front It will be easier to locate all the food in your kitchen cabinets when you organize them according to size. Larger items (such as cereal boxes) should be in the back, with smaller items (such as tins and cans) in front so the back items are still visible. The same method applies for glasses, cups, plates, bowls, and pots and pans. These kitchen cabinet tips will help to make it a joy to be cooking in your kitchen. For help choosing new discount kitchen cabinets in Cleveland for your home, please contact us today!You've no doubt had to deal with more than a few family members and apartment neighbors who decided cabinet doors needed to be shoved shut, creating slamming sounds that got on your nerves. Now that you're in your own house, here's your chance to make sure no one in the household can disturb your peace by slamming doors and drawers: soft-close hinges. What soft-close hinges do As you can guess from the name, the soft-close hinge stops a cabinet door or drawer from slamming into the framework of the cabinet. As you close the door, the hinge actually begins to automatically close the door but in a slower, gentler way. It's similar to a self-closing hinge, which is the one that, when you push the door closed, suddenly seems to take over and swings the door shut once the door goes past a certain point. The soft-close hinge does that "taking over" too, but the resulting motion is much slower. Watch the hinge in action, and it will look almost like something has applied brakes to the door's motion. These hinges do not need any special clearance; they fit right in where other hinges would and aren't visually intrusive. Depending on the company you get your cabinets from, you may have to request the hinges, or they may already be standard. If you get your cabinets from Kitchen Cabinet Outlet, the soft-close hinges are standard and come on all doors and drawers. If you are getting new kitchen cabinets Cleveland's own Kitchen Cabinet Outlet has a wide variety at fantastic prices. You can call the company and make appointments directly with designers at either of our two locations. Having kitchen cabinets that suit your needs and that look good - and that don't drive you mad with loud slamming sounds - are essential for a calm kitchen. Contact us now and check out our online gallery of all-wood cabinets in maple. With several different finishes and styles to choose from, as well as a sturdy construction and installation, you won't be at a loss for finding cabinets and drawers you like.
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