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Avoiding harmful PCB toxins in kitchen cabinetry

A kitchen cabinet is going to face some of the toughest wear and tear possible in a home because of the near-daily assault from hands that are cooking and such. That is why there are some things to be aware of in order to ensure that a family, or residents, are as safe as possible. Knowing this information, and using the tools at your disposal, is the best practice for those who want this safety.

Polychlorinated Biphenyl Compounds

First, there are a number of lead test kits that have been recognized and recommended by the EPA for their ability to check older cabinets (pre-1978) for that element. However, more recently, there have been some new findings regarding PCBs that are also known as airborne polychlorinated biphenyl compounds. They are being unknowingly released into a number of homes because of the breakdown of sealant. This can mean that these confirmed carcinogens have the chance of being found in unwanted places.

They are known as persistent organic pollutants because of the way that they bioaccumulate and then have negative effects on humans and other organisms. A number of these modern cabinet sealants have an ingredient known as 2.4-dichlorobenzoyl peroxide, and they were previously unknown as a toxic source. A homeowner, of course, wants to try to avoid as many harmful things as possible, and this is especially true in a kitchen of all places. When looking for newer kitchen cabinets in Cleveland, it is something to be aware of, but we simply do not know yet which ones might actually contain them. In any case, the levels are likely low enough so that there is nothing to worry about.

Proper ventilation

One of the best ways to help avoid having this or anything similar become a problem is to make sure that the kitchen design in Cleveland has ideal ventilation capabilities. That means that some well-placed windows can be put into place and used as much as possible so that the concentration levels and exposure is reduced. Bringing some of the outdoor air into the kitchen is great because of the fact that in most areas, it is cleaner and ideal for safe breathing.

If your kitchen isn't up to your standards in terms of color scheme, looks and usable space, those problems don't have to be solved by a complete overhaul of the room. In fact, they can all be solved with just one upgrade. With the right kitchen cabinets, Cleveland residents can get a kitchen that better matches their style as well as has plenty of room for their kitchen items. Kitchen design in Cleveland If your kitchen simply looks outdated, updated cabinets in one of today's trendy styles is a quick fix. If you are unhappy with the color scheme or overall style of the kitchen, you may be amazed at how much the look of the room changes with the addition of new cabinets that are just the color and style you choose. If you find that your kitchen is cramped and simply doesn't have enough room for food preparation or other activities, a new design can make very different use of that space. You may find that having fewer cabinets, or ones that are moved to a different space, can make an enormous difference in the feel and functionality of the room. If a few cabinets are removed and new cabinets have a better use of space, you won't have to give up much storage space in order to get more counter or floor space. Get an evaluation today To have your kitchen evaluated, make an appointment with one of our designers through our website. The designer can show you how the space in your kitchen can be better used with cabinets that are placed differently. While the wrong cabinets make a kitchen look dated and may make storage difficult, the right cabinets use space more effectively and bring in modern style. Kitchen cabinets in Cleveland make all the difference in how you use your kitchen, how convenient it is and how much you enjoy the room as a whole. If you want a very different kitchen, talk to one of our designers about how new cabinets can change the layout, look and even the feel of a room that you use so often.If you are remodeling your kitchen and find yourself with a little extra room in the corner, you may be debating whether to but in a new pantry. If so, you have a decision to make. The design of a cabinet-style pantry may be the most economical as far as space is concerned, but there are many benefits of a larger walk-in pantry that you should consider when designing your new kitchen. The difference in capacity comes in handy Walk-in pantries have walking space between the shelves, but they also have space for additional capacity in case you wish to store bulk items such as those available for purchase at warehouse clubs. When combined with shelf space that can stretch from floor to ceiling on each side you will also have excess shelf space for larger storage items such as spinning spice racks or Lazy Susans. Customized shelf space provides more options for appliances Many of the most useful appliances that you can use in the kitchen are often too large for a typical cabinet. Larger appliances like crock pots, waffle makers, mixers, and grills can present a storage problem in average-sized cabinets. A walk-in gives you more options when it comes to spacing out your shelves and determining the square inches of each individual shelf. It also makes retrieval of heavier appliances much easier as they can be placed at eye level instead of reaching for a top shelf or stooping down to a larger pan cabinet. Centralized storage helps with organization A walk-in can help you organize your pantry the way that you want it, with a centralized retrieval point that helps keep more of the items that you use most often front and center. Cabinet pantries have a way of burying items in the back of the shelf and it always seems to be the one that you need the most. We hope that this helps you make a decision if you've been considering getting new kitchen cabinets or investing in a walk-in pantry. If you are interested in more advice or wish to benefit from free kitchen design Cleveland OH, contact us today.
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