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How to renovate your kitchen without remodeling

Whether you want a cozy cottage design or something sleek and minimal, you don't actually have to rip anything out or spend a fortune to completely remake the appearance of your kitchen. No doubt you've heard about changing the cabinet handles or the faucet and light fixtures, but to completely transform even the big sections of your kitchen, all you need is a little creativity, perspective, and contact paper!

What is contact paper?

Contact paper is one of the best things that has ever happened to kitchen remodeling. A sturdy plastic sheet printed with attractive patterns on one side and coated in sticky glue on the other, all you have to do is press it flat and smooth onto a surface and it magically takes on the appearance of the paper (which is really plastic). The best part about contact paper is that it can be made to look like other things.

Most people use contact paper on the surface of kitchen cabinet shelves because it's easier to keep clean and can be replaced if it gets too grimy from spilled spices or a leaky jar of molasses, unlike the wood shelf itself. However, if you want to completely redo the appearance of your kitchen, consider new contact paper textures on everything from the cabinets to the dishwasher. Marble contact paper can class up an old chipped countertop without shelling out for real marble (just be careful about hot pots) and 'stainless steel' contact paper can be put on plastic appliances to make them appear more modern as well.

Of course, if you'd rather change the color and texture of things the old-fashioned way, there's nothing stopping you from simply re-staining, painting, or finishing any surface in your kitchen. Cabinets are the easiest to adjust the colors of, especially if you don't need to change the color inside. Simply strip off the old finish, re-stain, and seal with a new finish so you can scrub your cabinets safely later on. Hate your kitchen backsplash? You don't have to tear that out either, simply slap on a coat of complementary paint.

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One of the great love affairs people have with their homes is in their kitchen, especially if you love cooking. When designing your new kitchen, factors such as island placement, countertop space, and cabinet design, all need to be considered for the cooks at heart. What about those of us, however, who aren't into cooking that much? How do we design our kitchens? Here are some ideas: Make coffee your priority If you’re not using your kitchen counter space for food prep, but instead have a passionate love of coffee, why not turn your kitchen into an at-home cafe? Transforming your kitchen into your own personal coffee bar complete with espresso machine, unique mug collection, and all the coffee trimmings can help you define and make use of your space. You’ll also save time and money in the morning when you are able to make your favorite coffee drinks in the convenience of your own kitchen. Wine it up Coffee not your thing? A passion for wine can be showcased just as well, if not better, than a passion for coffee. Your kitchen is the perfect sanctuary for displaying your wine collection. Whether you are a connoisseur or simply love a variety of table wine, installing a temperature regulated wine cooler in your kitchen is a great statement piece in place of the usual cooking must-haves. If you’re struggling with kitchen design, you can also install some wine racks or displays, making it easy for you to indulge in a glass of wine at the end of the day. Design for your passion If coffee and wine aren’t amongst your favorites, you probably still have a passion or two that can be put on display in your kitchen. If you love to read, you can turn a wall of your kitchen into a library and reading nook. If you’re a gardener, consider designing a kitchen that is airy and full of sunlight, allowing your houseplants to thrive. A kitchen doesn't have to be rarely used if you aren't into cooking. Need ideas? Speak with our designers for a free kitchen design Cleveland OH. Call (216) 820-9231 today to find out more!We don’t doubt that having a small kitchen can present a set of frustrating challenges. Whether you’re trying to figure out a possible redesign, or deciding on how to maximize for practical storage space, your kitchen choices will no doubt affect the rest of your lifestyle. Good news though - having a small kitchen no longer needs to be an obstacle. Following some of these ideas will help you increase the love you have for the kitchen while reducing whatever dissatisfaction you may have. Maximize vertical space If you have a small kitchen square footage but still boast tall ceilings, you’re in luck! When selecting kitchen cabinets in your redesign, you’re doing yourself a big disfavor by not maximizing your space. Use the height to your advantage by choosing 42” high upper cabinets. Plus, if the height of the ceiling allows, you can also stack additional smaller cabinets on top of the uppers to make even more storage! Use storage within storage You can maximize your cabinet space through the use of tools that create more storage. Cabinet add-ons such as additional shelving or dividers can help you organize and take full advantage of the space you already have. You may even want to consider installing roll-out trays, or additional shelving in lower cabinets that can help with additional cookware storage. It’s important to discuss these ideas with your cabinet designers, who can give you a good idea of the options for extra organization and storage during your kitchen remodel. Vow to be clutter-free When you have a smaller kitchen, every inch of countertop space is crucial. You should avoid storing auxiliary items on your kitchen counters, as it makes it difficult to have the room for food prep and cooking. The same is also true of decorative items, junk mail, or knick-knacks. Make a plan of where you can store some of your less used appliances, such as your blender, espresso machine, or waffle iron. Select a lighter palette A kitchen filled with lighter colors and cabinetry finishes will give a grand illusion that your kitchen is bigger than it is. Darker colors may give the area less breathing room, crowding the entire space. A color anywhere from an ivory white to a sea breeze blue will give your small kitchen space a grand look and design. Still not sure how to design your small kitchen space? Talk to our kitchen cabinet designers in Cleveland, OH today! Contact the Kitchen Cabinet Outlet Cleveland by phone at (216) 820-9231.Whether your home or apartment in Cleveland is a modest studio or a 900 square foot home, being well organized saves you time, money, and frustration. This is particularly true when it comes to one of the busiest places of your domicile, your kitchen. Having well organized kitchen cabinets is like a dream come true once you get there, but it can take some work to achieve. If you have roughly a day’s worth of time to devote, follow our tips to organize your kitchen cabinets. Use an inventory Before getting started with the organization process, go through everything in your kitchen. Get rid of anything that’s unused, broken, or expired. If you have unused items that haven’t been touched in a while, sell, donate or give away what can be salvaged and ditch the rest. This will severely cut down on clutter and additional items you’ll need to organize. All of these things should be like the other Grouping similar items together in easy to understand categories will allow you to find a particular item when you need it with little effort. For example, items specifically used for baking can be grouped together in one area of your kitchen cabinets, letting them be undisturbed when not needed. When it’s baking day, you can reach to one area to retrieve all the hardware required to complete your confection. Loose item containers There’s no need to have random items strewn about in your kitchen cabinets. Purchasing clear containers and organizing those with loose cooking or baking essentials in each will allow for less mess and more organization. For example, a transparent container that’s been organized to store dry pasta and sauce will be easy to reach for on pasta night. Keeping these types of containers in your cabinets not only allows for better organization, but it’s more aesthetically appealing than random mismatched boxes piled on top of each other in the cupboards. At Kitchen Cabinet Outlet in Cleveland, OH, we are experts when it comes to kitchen cabinets - especially making them! To learn more about our kitchen cabinet design and installation services, schedule your free consultation today!
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