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On December 13th, 2017 by alxnmt

How to maximize your small kitchen

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We don’t doubt that having a small kitchen can present a set of frustrating challenges. Whether you’re trying to figure out a possible redesign, or deciding on how to maximize for practical storage space, your kitchen choices will no doubt affect the rest of your lifestyle. Good news though - having a small kitchen no longer needs to be an obstacle. Following some of these ideas will help you increase the love you have for the kitchen while reducing whatever dissatisfaction you may have.

Maximize vertical space

If you have a small kitchen square footage but still boast tall ceilings, you’re in luck! When selecting kitchen cabinets in your redesign, you’re doing yourself a big disfavor by not maximizing your space. Use the height to your advantage by choosing 42” high upper cabinets. Plus, if the height of the ceiling allows, you can also stack additional smaller cabinets on top of the uppers to make even more storage!

Use storage within storage

You can maximize your cabinet space through the use of tools that create more storage. Cabinet add-ons such as additional shelving or dividers can help you organize and take full advantage of the space you already have. You may even want to consider installing roll-out trays, or additional shelving in lower cabinets that can help with additional cookware storage. It’s important to discuss these ideas with your cabinet designers, who can give you a good idea of the options for extra organization and storage during your kitchen remodel.

Vow to be clutter-free

When you have a smaller kitchen, every inch of countertop space is crucial. You should avoid storing auxiliary items on your kitchen counters, as it makes it difficult to have the room for food prep and cooking. The same is also true of decorative items, junk mail, or knick-knacks. Make a plan of where you can store some of your less used appliances, such as your blender, espresso machine, or waffle iron.

Select a lighter palette

A kitchen filled with lighter colors and cabinetry finishes will give a grand illusion that your kitchen is bigger than it is. Darker colors may give the area less breathing room, crowding the entire space. A color anywhere from an ivory white to a sea breeze blue will give your small kitchen space a grand look and design.

Still not sure how to design your small kitchen space? Talk to our kitchen cabinet designers in Cleveland, OH today! Contact the Kitchen Cabinet Outlet Cleveland by phone at (216) 820-9231.

On December 7th, 2017 by alxnmt

How to best organize your kitchen cabinets

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Whether your home or apartment in Cleveland is a modest studio or a 900 square foot home, being well organized saves you time, money, and frustration. This is particularly true when it comes to one of the busiest places of your domicile, your kitchen. Having well organized kitchen cabinets is like a dream come true once you get there, but it can take some work to achieve. If you have roughly a day’s worth of time to devote, follow our tips to organize your kitchen cabinets.

Use an inventory

Before getting started with the organization process, go through everything in your kitchen. Get rid of anything that’s unused, broken, or expired. If you have unused items that haven’t been touched in a while, sell, donate or give away what can be salvaged and ditch the rest. This will severely cut down on clutter and additional items you’ll need to organize.

All of these things should be like the other

Grouping similar items together in easy to understand categories will allow you to find a particular item when you need it with little effort. For example, items specifically used for baking can be grouped together in one area of your kitchen cabinets, letting them be undisturbed when not needed. When it’s baking day, you can reach to one area to retrieve all the hardware required to complete your confection.

Loose item containers

There’s no need to have random items strewn about in your kitchen cabinets. Purchasing clear containers and organizing those with loose cooking or baking essentials in each will allow for less mess and more organization. For example, a transparent container that’s been organized to store dry pasta and sauce will be easy to reach for on pasta night. Keeping these types of containers in your cabinets not only allows for better organization, but it’s more aesthetically appealing than random mismatched boxes piled on top of each other in the cupboards.

At Kitchen Cabinet Outlet in Cleveland, OH, we are experts when it comes to kitchen cabinets - especially making them! To learn more about our kitchen cabinet design and installation services, schedule your free consultation today!

On November 27th, 2017 by alxnmt

How to prevent kitchen fires this holiday season

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Kitchen-related fires are reported to be the number one cause of fires in the U.S.. This risk is heightened during the holidays since you’re likely to use equipment and cook with ingredients you don’t use in other seasons. While cooking habits contribute to kitchen fires, some are caused by appliances such as toasters, microwaves, refrigerators, and toaster ovens.

This holiday, keep your loved ones safe from fires even amidst the festivities. Use these tips to keep your kitchen and home from going up in flames.

Be keen on gas leaks

Rotten eggs type of smell should immediately tip you off of a possible gas leak. It’s important to note that this smell may be coming from your stove or outside. If your stove is the problem, ensure you don’t switch on any lights or use cell phones as it would spark the gas especially if it’s been leaking for a while. Evacuation is highly advised followed by opening all doors and windows. If possible, locate the shut-off switch and turn it off before calling for help.

Cut clutter

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, pantries, and refrigerators, it’s not advisable to pack them too full as this will always lead to rummages and accidents. Broken glass lying on the floor can cause injuries in the kitchen if stepped on.

Avoid distractions while cooking

We understand this season friends and family would want to gather around you in the kitchen as you prepare meals but it’s crucial to be extra careful. You also need to avoid leaving equipment unattended. If you wish to withdraw from the kitchen, turn off your stove otherwise stay in the kitchen as you fry, boil, or even grill your food. Distractions can wreak havoc in your home if allowed.

Dress appropriately

Close fitting clothes with tightly rolled sleeves are encouraged. Loose clothing can easily dangle and catch fire. Similarly, ensure you get everything you need from your cabinets before you begin cooking, especially if they are located above the stove. You will prevent any accident or fire that could have erupted as you try reaching over a lit stove or if items fell from the cupboard onto pans.

While not all accidents can be prevented, don't let it put you off enjoying the most precious room in your home. If you're looking to makeover your kitchen for a more functional layout, contact us to schedule an appointment for a free kitchen design Cleveland OH and one of our designers will walk you through the process of installing and furnishing your kitchen cabinets OH.

On November 20th, 2017 by alxnmt

Designing your kitchen space with an expert designer

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Being able to design a kitchen comes from having an eye for beauty and being able to match the style that each person would find desirable with the space available. This is why getting help from an expert designer can prove to be very helpful. But, some may not fully understand why they should bypass Pinterest or YouTube to help with designing the kitchen. There are good reasons for getting expert design help, so read on to find out more:

Custom design

The value of a well-designed kitchen space should not be underestimated. A good kitchen space can be inviting to guests and make using the kitchen more enjoyable. While the internet may provide creative projects for art lovers or hobbyists, getting one-on-one help from a designer or design team gives each person the ability to create designs based on their own kitchen space. For instance, clumsy and oversized cabinets may not fit into a smaller kitchen space whereas large cabinets do wonders to add an accent to larger spaces. A designer will take the important factors, such as utility and practicality, into consideration to find a healthy pairing between use and beauty.

Personal preference

Along with ensuring that the kitchen space has the proper design for its architectural structure, a designer can help to ensure that the space has a personal touch. Tutorials may offer new ideas, but they are often based on the preferences of someone else. By consulting with a designer, they can include your personal taste into their recommendation. This will help to bring the space to life in a way which compliments the owner.

Considering cost

Cost is usually one of the main factors to consider when designing a space. Therefore, talking with a knowledgeable design expert can help, since they will make proper recommendations based on the stated budget. This will help to make sure that no financial strain gets in the way of the home improvement project.

Once you meet with a good designer, you will find the task of designing the kitchen less daunting. An expert will be able to look at all aspects of design and offer the recommendations needed to create the perfect space. For those in the Cleveland area, Kitchen Cabinet Outlet Cleveland specializes in designing kitchen spaces to meet the needs of clients. This is because a good company realizes that it’s not just about selling supplies, but making sure that each person is satisfied with the use of those supplies. Be sure to get your consultation with a qualified design expert as soon as possible to begin making the home that you love even more beautiful.

On November 14th, 2017 by alxnmt

'Tis This The Season To Change Your Cabinets?

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As we approach that most wonderful time of the year, it might be time to consider making changes or upgrades to go along with those Christmas wishes and New Year’s resolutions. However, there are a few things to take a look at before deciding which way to go when it comes to changing out the kitchen cabinets. Most don’t make these changes because they don’t know when the right time is and they are often quite expensive and time consuming. In fact, there may be many areas in the house where changes need to be made, but with a deep desire to have a home that matches the glitz and glam of the holiday magic that is upon us, there is no better place to start these improvements than in the kitchen, often the center of food and festivities taking place.

Consider the condition of your current cabinets

When broaching the subject, consideration should be given to the condition of the current cabinets. Some cabinets have been made using inferior materials, which has caused them to begin deteriorating. Also, wear and tear may have caused kitchen cabinets to weaken and break, so they do not close properly or have become a fall hazard, depending on the placement of them. And you definitely wouldn’t want to have any cabinets or their fragments falling down and hurting any holiday houseguests, so keeping this in good repair would actually serve as a good sign of a responsible host.

Consider the overall design

Outside of changes which have to be made for practical use, there is the design of the current kitchen to consider. In an effort to continually be upgrading and renewing, the kitchen may have been painted in different colors and themes which compliment each other, but may clash with the existing cabinets. So, it might be a good idea to paint the kitchen cabinets too. Learning as much you can about designing, priming, and paint would be helpful for a DIY project, but help from qualified and caring design experts can ensure that it gets done correctly - avoiding any miscalculations or frustrations which may arise. Especially during the holidays, when these cabinets are going to experience more use than usual with the amount of delicious dishes being prepared.

Always select a professional team

Upon discovery that the kitchen cabinets have come to the time of expiration, selecting a professional who can help with these upgrades is the next step. This needs to be someone knowledgeable about the best quality kitchen cabinets in OH and can readily access and deliver them with the desired look. While there are a variety of methods to accomplish this, an efficient team would be best for providing this change. A team that works well with clients, providing a personal touch, can make the process very seamless. This also ensures that the personal touch the kitchen cabinets add to a home are just that: the individualized look that makes the client proud to walk into their kitchen day after day. Holiday guests will be filled with delight as your spruced up cabinet décor compliments the festive nature all around.

After finding this professional, the time comes to see what Santa may have left over in the wallet to cover the cost of these cabinets. The reason that many surpass the appropriate time to change their cabinets is because these transformative repairs can be quite expensive. But Kitchen Cabinet Outlet Cleveland has come up with an incredible solution to this problem by becoming one of the leaders in offering discount kitchen cabinets in Cleveland. With your reasons in hand and heart, have your cabinets fitted the right way this holiday season.

On November 7th, 2017 by alxnmt

Seven quick tips for making the most of your kitchen cabinet space

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In an earlier post, we some offered tips for organizing your cabinets. So, imagine you have those stunning new kitchen cabinets in place in your Cleveland area home. They look stylish, and are ready to serve as you want them to. Here are seven more interesting, and low cost, tips to allow you to make the most of their internal space...

1. Hanging About

You might use the inside of the doors as hanging spaces. If you don't want to drill or glue hooks on the surface itself, simply add a cork board to put in place. Then you might hang measuring cups and spoons, and other small utensils.

2. Hidden Messages

With your brilliant new cabinets, you might not want to reduce the effect of your stylish kitchen with recipes and other messages stuck on doors, fridges etc. Again, a cork board inside one of your cabinets could become a message and recipe pinning area!

3. Add internal stackers

How often do you have to lift out plates, saucers, and bowls to get what you actually want? Adding simple mesh, metal or plastic internal stackers can allow you to organize your crockery and the like for instant access and removal.

4. Divide and conquer

Further to the previous idea of horizontal stackers, vertical dividers can add the same sense of order if you are stacking chopping and cutting boards, baking sheets, or placemats.

5. Dowel power

A third way to use dividers is to place a fretboard with holes on the base of your cabinet. Then you can quickly position dowels to hold items in position. This is useful for small placemats, plastic food containers and the like.

6. Turning up trumps

How often do people end up with cupboards packed with spice jars piled in random profusion, leading to frustrating searches? Adding a turntable or two inside your cupboards can make it a moment's task to choose the specific spice or condiment you are searching for.

7. Heads or tails - you win both times!

When you are storing wine glasses, try heading and tailing them, rather have them all standing on their bases. This adds a little more space, and is likely to make the whole stocked area appear slightly tidier and feel that touch more stable.

We hope you find these ideas of use. And, if you are keen to upgrade or replace the kitchen cabinets in your Ohio home, please contact us here at Kitchen Cabinet Outlet to schedule a convenient appointment.

On October 27th, 2017 by alxnmt

Should you select light or dark cabinets for your kitchen?

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One of the most important decisions you make involving your kitchen is the style and color of the cabinets. Depending on the size and the style of the kitchen, selecting you color can make or break the design. Here are a few pointers to help you decide which is the right choice for your home.

Kitchen size

One of the most important factors that should dictate the color of your cabinets is the size of the room. If you have a small kitchen or a closed-in kitchen that is not very large, generally it is wise to select a lighter color to give the illusion of open space and light. If you only have a small window to allow light in the room, a lighter color will help distribute light and add the illusion of more space.


It is more common to require a light color cabinet as opposed to a darker color in terms of keeping with a style. Darker colors can be used for contemporary kitchens that are mostly light-colored and require a contrast to keep them from looking stark. Darker wood colors are also suitable for country style kitchens and mountain or log cabin style kitchens.

If you want to remodel your kitchen and plan on selling at some point in the near future, stick with light colored wood or white cabinets. They help keep your style looking more modern and appealing to a wider audience than darker colored cabinets.

Selecting the color and style of kitchen cabinets is one of the most important details involving a new build or remodel. Carefully consider your goals and what type of look you are striving to achieve before making your final selection. You can really add charm and value to the home with careful planning and help from skilled professionals. In some cases, you can add thousands of dollars of value to your home if the design is executed properly.

For more information about how to spruce up your kitchen design in Cleveland, check out Representatives are ready to help you create the look you want for discount prices.

On October 17th, 2017 by alxnmt

A simple guide to eco-friendly kitchen cabinets

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An eco-friendly cabinet is not just for tree huggers. Anyone keen on improving their home’s indoor air quality or minimizing toxins that their households are exposed to should pay attention to the makeup of their kitchen cabinets. Here are some interesting eco-friendly kitchen cabinet options for your consideration.

1. Formaldehyde-free cabinets

Cabinets, specifically their interior boxes, are made from plywood, fiberboard or particleboard. All of these contain urea formaldehyde glue or binder, which emit fumes. Now, formaldehyde is a known carcinogen. A recent bill before the U.S congress required that formaldehyde emissions on these substrates be lowered to safer levels. Opting for formaldehyde free cabinets is a great way of keeping your loved ones safe from potential danger of developing cancer.

2. Zero or low VOC finishes on cabinets

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are chemical fumes released by materials used in cabinet finishes. For healthy indoor air quality, go for water based cabinet finishes with zero or low VOCs. Water-based finishes have improved in quality over the past couple of years thanks to growing demand for safer alternatives. For additional confidence in product safety, check out if the finish is certified by GreenGuard or Green Seal. These are independent organizations that give their seal of approval to building products with low chemical emissions.

3. Salvage wood cabinets

One of the greenest options, salvage wood delivers personality and richness with its history when used for cabinet construction. Try out pieces of wood with stories you will enjoy sharing with your guests.

4. Bamboo cabinets

Bamboo cabinets are fast gaining popularity thanks to their strength and renewable nature. If a unique kitchen look is your thing, consider hiring a skilled kitchen design Cleveland company to transform your existing cabinetry to bamboo cabinets. Highly stylish and environmentally-friendly, bamboo cabinets are in a league of their own when it comes to style. Today’s bamboo cabinets match their wooden counterparts in terms of design and versatility.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. It is where you prepare your daily bread from. If you are in the market for the latest kitchen cabinet ideas that are eco-friendly, look no further than the ideas shared above. Remember, living green does more than just protecting the environment. It also serves to protect you and your household. Schedule an appointment with Kitchen Cabinet Outlet Cleveland today and transform your kitchen cabinets into eco-friendly masterpieces.

On October 10th, 2017 by alxnmt

Kitchen design considerations you need to remember

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Getting a new kitchen is an exciting experience for many people considering the time spent in them. Since it is an essential space for homes, designing it should be awarded enough time and proper research. All kitchens need to feel comfortable, efficient and a little luxurious if possible. Keep these design tips in mind when creating your new kitchen:

Remodeling on a budget

Before deciding to buy new furniture, check the state of your cabinet doors and handles. If the doors are in good order, your handles might just need replacing. You can select something that is modern and a little vibrant.


You have probably decided which style you want. However, the design of your kitchen cabinets play a significant role. If you like a traditional look, having raised panel doors will do just fine. However, if you are into contemporary design, try shaker or slab doors.

Cabinet height

You need a comfortable working height that works for you. Most manufacturers presently provide kitchen cabinets with adjustable legs. However, you need to be present when your Cleveland fitter is deciding on what height is appropriate. It will be unfortunate if you have to repeatedly step on ladders each day because you cannot reach the shelves.

Space requirements

A big kitchen always feels like a dream come true. Everyone would love a large kitchen with extra space for movement. However, you need to ask yourself if you are ready to sacrifice space from adjacent rooms and create the spacious kitchen you want. If you are not prepared for this, then you should consider changing the layout to make the kitchen feel bigger or push the cabinets to the ceiling for more space.

Professional kitchen designer

An experienced kitchen designer has done this for a long time and can introduce ideas that will undoubtedly improve your kitchen layout while maintaining simplicity. Nevertheless, the final decision is yours. You have the choice of choosing what you feel confident with while taking note of design mistakes that might be costly.

When choosing a kitchen design in Cleveland, you may need to select a professional designer that can help you open your mind up to new ideas. Be open to their suggestions before choosing what works best for your kitchen.

On October 5th, 2017 by alxnmt

4 surprising ways to organize your kitchen cabinets

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The number one challenge a lot of kitchens face is space utilization. You may feel like your kitchen is cramped - perhaps larger than life appliances take up room, or you have inadequate space for long enough countertops.

However, one of the saviors of the kitchen is the cabinet. There are loads of innovative ways that you can organize your kitchen cabinet to stylishly make the most of space, meaning you can keep countertops clear for use. Here are four ways you can utilize cabinets in your kitchen:

1. Utilize the space on the inside of cabinet doors

Most people overlook ways of creating more space in their kitchen when the answer is right in front them - one ignored place is the inside area of the kitchen cabinet doors. You would be surprised by how much space is available here. It's perfect for a swinging trash can or door-mounted shelf rack, as well as a whole host of other ideas.

2. Double your cabinet space with stacked shelves

Simple additions, such as an extra shelf in your kitchen cabinet, can make all the difference to your storage needs. A stacking shelf is an inexpensive way of creating more space without changing the actual structure of your cabinet. You can get such shelves from a container store.

3. Divide the drawers

If you store all your cutlery in non-partitioned drawers, you may have noticed you spend a lot of time looking for whichever utensil you need - and you can never seem to find it! A handy drawer divider maintains order and will save you time searching for whatever you need. You can also fit small containers that border the dividers, in case you have small objects you have to corral.

4. Stock up wine bottles in your cabinetry

While some people like owning a full cellar, others are satisfied with a few bottles at home. You can build a storage space within your kitchen cabinet with a wine bottle holder insert to hold your bottles. Alternatively, you can modernize the structure of an existing cabinet by removing its door and replacing it with an insert model.

There are many surprising ways to use your cabinet space efficiently, and if you think outside the box, you can invent smart and affordable ways to organize your cabinet.

If you want to change or replace your kitchen cabinets Cleveland OH, get in touch with Kitchen Cabinet Outlet to schedule your appointment today.

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