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alexmom-camera-226My name is Alex Nemet and just a few of the many “hats” I wear include: Husband, father, Mountain Climber, Marathon Runner, and the world’s best unknown Extreme Ultra Marathon Enthusiast, and most relevant to you: Entrepreneur and owner of Northeast Factory Direct in Cleveland, OH. .. I literally fell into the kitchen cabinet industry. Initially, my wife and I ran a small furniture franchise business and hot tubs were added  in 2001.  As  entreprenure’s and business owner’s we are constantly having to reinvent ourselves, and the current economic conditions led us in the direction of   kitchen cabinets.

By offering superior customer service, honest answers, and fair prices … our business thrived thanks primarily to “word of mouth” advertising from satisfied customers. In fact, in 2007 more than 39% of all sales were through referrals and this is no accident.  Please visit our website to view our other products, http://www.northeastfactorydirect.com. 

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