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What to consider before remodeling a kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home, it is where families and guests gather to share a meal and socialize. Sometimes a kitchen does not meet the needs of the family cook or is too small for multiple people to work in. Once families decide they want to redesign their kitchen, they must consider more than just a budget. Remodeling a kitchen is not an easy task; however, getting a free kitchen design in Cleveland is easy. Once considerations are made, the budget is determined, and measurements are properly taken, then schedule an appointment to discuss your kitchen design with Kitchen Cabinet Outlet Cleveland.

Considerations before your kitchen remodel

Things to consider when deciding on a new kitchen design are the size of the space, how it connects with other rooms, lifestyle, budget, and the condition of the building. Determine what the issues are with the current layout to see if more storage space is needed or if the workflow is hindered. Kitchens are designed for working in and it is important to note how people move in the kitchen. The size will dictate the layout and what will work in the space, such as an island or built-in appliances. Decide what needs to be in the space such as a prep sink or extra storage and whether you need to factor in features such as soft-close hinges on kitchen cabinets, ideal if you have a young family. The budget should be about 8% of the house’s value; however, older houses may need new plumbing or electric which adds to the budget.

Meeting with a designer

Once these considerations are made, it is helpful to make a checklist to discuss with a designer in order to develop a solid plan. Decide where to splurge and where to save such as buying discount kitchen cabinets in Cleveland in order to save for more important features. It is also important to get correct measures of your existing kitchen to help determine how things will fit into space. Discuss the existing issues and what features are important to the new design so the designer can help to meet the needs the existing layout does not. Schedule an appointment on our website to meet with a designer at one of two locations and benefit from free kitchen design Cleveland, OH.

If you have been living in the same house for years, you will eventually need to replace your old cabinets. They may be in the way of an overhaul that you have been planning for the work-triangle, or they could be falling apart after years of use. You could just feel that nothing could save the cabinets and you are set to go for a new set. Getting cabinets can be fun Getting new kitchen cabinets is a lot easier these days with numerous options to choose from that can fit any house, style or budget. It can also be exciting because you have so much to determine, ranging from finishes, door styles, pull-out pantries to built-in spice racks. But considering you can spend almost half your typical kitchen renovation costs on cabinets, you may also find replacing your cabinets could be quite nerve-racking. So how do you go about getting new cabinets and do it within your timeline and not end up breaking your bank? Here are a few tips on how to make replacing your kitchen cabinets manageable. Have an idea in mind of what you want You will get overwhelmed with too much choice if you go shopping without having an idea in mind of what it is that you want. Think about the cutlery, pantry space, amount of storage, utensil space, crockery and such other aspects of your cabinets before you start shopping. Moreover, consider color scheme and budget and then hit the stores. Focus on more than aesthetics Pay attention to the quality of materials used in construction, the types of hinges and other hardware, and the woodwork that will hold cabinets together and not just on how good they look. Perfect looking cabinets may have you back at the stores shopping in a short while because they do not please for long. The preceding also means that you will have to adjust your budget to what is reasonable, instead of getting cheaper cabinets that will not last at all. Visit us at Kitchen Cabinet Outlet Cleveland for kitchen cabinets in Ohio to suit your taste. We also cater for any budget with discount kitchen cabinets in Cleveland, OH. Contact us today for more information.Do you want to remodel your kitchen, but are concerned about spending more than you can recover should you opt to sell your home in the future? Your idea may be to create an attractive, functional and welcoming space that will at the same time boost the market value of your home. Here are five tips on how to do that. 1. Your first spending should be on the two Cs The two Cs represent countertops and cabinets. These are the two top products requested to enhance the function, economic value, and look of a kitchen remodeling design. You can replace the cabinets, or refinish them if you are on a budget. You will have many choices when deciding on countertops. You can choose a solid surface, engineered stone, stone (granite, marble), concrete, metal, wood, recycled surfaces and many others. 2. Work with a budget You could get carried away and want to spend so much on remodeling your kitchen. Keep the market value of your neighborhood in mind as you consider what to pay to avoid spending more than you will ever be able to recover. A good rule of thumb is to prevent those extravagant fixtures and commercial-grade appliances. You may put in some fun elements like a block bar made of glass with lighting, and a backsplash, made of glass tile. 3. Make your kitchen accessible Ensure that both the young and the elderly with reduced mobility will be able to use your kitchen. For instance, have kitchen cabinets with no handles or simple pulls. Moreover, think sliding drawers and pull-out shelves. You can get more related ideas if you research for them. 4. Avoid grand plans such as room additions Room addition to your kitchen may help you get your dream kitchen, but such ideas are to be avoided if resale value is something you are thinking about. If you need extra space, consider removing a wall to a neighboring room. 5. Have a design in mind The design you choose for your kitchen should go well with neighboring rooms. You can go for a sleek, fresh, contemporary European look, or an ornate and Tuscan theme, or whatever you may like. Make sure your kitchen design is cost-effective from the onset. You can use our free kitchen design in Cleveland, OH to get a fantastic-looking cooking space without breaking your bank.
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